What is the "artificial earthquake"?

"Artificial earthquake" is not the thing which took place naturally.
The earthquake was made artificially.

Why will an artificial earthquake happen?
I expected it.

<Case 1> To check the underground state of the place

   This is a newspaper article of July, 2011.


(There is a letter of "the artificial earthquake","Structure analysis" in this article.)

●Purpose  To measure an earthquake wave and analyze underground structure.

●Method   With a dynamite, an earthquake is caused intentionally.

<Case2> Influence by public works

●Purpose  To destroy an interfering building or rock by a blasting charge.

●Method  To use the gunpowder such as dynamites.

※In this case the artificial earthquake is not intentional and gets up unwillingly.
It is necessary to consider it to suppress vibration and the noise if possible.

<Case3> Influence by the nuclear test

 (Example) May, 2009 Underground nuclear test by North Korea
        → The Korean Meteorological Agency observed an earthquake of M4.5

●Purpose  To make a higher-performance nuclear weapon

●Method   To set off a nuclear bomb experimentally and analyze performance

※ In this case "the earthquake" is a by-product.
  The original purpose is a performance investigation into nuclear bomb.

  By the way, a treaty named "ENMOD" exists.

       >>  Environmental Modification Convention (ENMOD)