The kind of information, and recognition

There are TV, radio, a newspaper, the Internet, and various sources of information now.

I would like to classify about various information.
Although it is unnecessary addition, I will also write a little of my comment.

・・ am not a specialist. Please understand the situation beforehand. ・・BR>

1・弱A classification and kind of information

First, it thinks roughly and can perform the classification "memory・・amp; idea・・quot; and "record."

Next, a time classification.

And one more , the classification by the owner of information.

I would like to classify it according to such a viewpoint.

・抵シ撒he classification by conservative field place

First of all, it is a method of the division "memory(& idea)" and "record."
Please pay your attention to each conservative field place. 縲・BR>

Classification Conservative field place
(method of preservation)
Disappearance Change / edit
intangible memory Head (brains) He may forget it hard
idea Possible
tangible record text diary ,note, PC data lose it physically Possible
sound CD
image DVD ,Videotape, photo

I think that such a classification can be performed.

・難シ撒he classification by time

Then, it is a classification by the time.

Time-axis matter example
past Things that were experienced before The school trip of school days,
a diary
present Things that are being experienced now Concert currently being held,
live coverage of baseball
future Things that will be experienced from now on Scheduled for next month,
weather forecast, fortune-telling

・費シ撒he classification by the owner of information

Then, it is a classification by the owner of information
When it says correctly, he is an owner of the information on origin.

the owner of information Distance from oneself Reliability
oneself ・・/TD> large
Third party ・・/TD> medium

Would you remember a telephone game?
If distance between source of information and oneself is long, the information becomes hard to come exactly.

It becomes the extra, but, by my dogmatism and prejudice, adds an element more.

・包シ晒otes in information

First, it is about accuracy.
As for accuracy, having experienced directly by oneself is higher than having heard from others.

However, what must be careful of is that there is "misapprehension."


This happens to anyone.

Moreover, people understand the phenomenon which occurred through "their own filter." So, how to catch is different from person to person

Happenedツ Phenomenon
their own filter
繝サThat you have studied so far
繝サPersonality (idea)
Recognition and understanding as information

Experience of childhood, and what he learned at school are very important factors in making the personality of the person, I think.

・廢xample縲・壹Differences of understanding with knowledge・・BR>
・・FONT color="#ff0000" size="+1">Driver's license・・/TD>
繝サPersonality (idea)
"Signal has changed to blue." "All right,
let's move forward"
Recognition of information
Understanding of the meaning of information
繝サPersonality (idea)
"Blue light is lit" "If it says so , the weather is fine today."

Thus, even if it is the same information, recognition changes with people.

By the way, the story changes, you must be careful of whether the sources of information are a true thing or a lie , and a fact or prediction enough.

・厄シ擦omments about information

Thank you for reading so far.
Well, I have a question for you. Are you getting accurate information?

Q.・代縲Are the sources of information reliable?

Q.・偵縲Is your filter normal? Is it dirty or isn't out of order?

It is a very much difficult problem whether sources of information are reliable.
However, we can do exchange and the cleaning of the filter.

Please abandon a preconception, and ascertain the real intention of the information.

I introduce the animation which seems to help everybody for your information.

繝サSecret negotiations

繝サAttitude of the media