Oils and fats and health

1.Let's get good oil for the body.

The fat is made of several kinds of fatty acids.
If fatty acid balance collapses in the body, it is thought that he gets allergy and a lifestyle-related disease.

Let's avoid ingestion of harmful trans fat, such as margarine, as much as possible.

2.About a trans-fatty acid

The trans-fatty acid is contained in the things (margarine, shortening, etc.) which processed the vegetable oil used as materials and were made.

There is indication that by taking in it so much, the bad cholesterol increases , and the disease risk of the heart increases.

Water removal
Margarine Shortening
Trans-fatty acid content Almost nothing about 15% about 13%
(Reference materials : USDA nourishment database)

3.Action of the companies

● Seven & I Holdings
  The company made it the plan which does not put in principle the goods containing a trans-fatty acid on a counter (December, 2010). 。

● Kentucky Fried Chicken
  It changed to the cooking oil which reduced the content of the trans-fatty acid by half at about 1150 store (2007).

● Misterdonut
  The oil which reduced the trans-fatty acid sharply in all the stores was adopted (December, 2007).

4.Action of each country

● United States
  Use regulation of the trans-fatty acid in a restaurant was determined in City of New York (2006).

● Australia
  The government enforced regulation to prohibit the domestic circulation of oils and fats (trans-fatty acid content : 2g or more per 100g). (2009)

● Denmark
  The government enacted the administrative order with a punitive clause to keep quantity of the trans-fatty acid within all adipose less than 2% (2004). 。